Welcome to EDI-Net!

What is EDI-Net?

The Energy Data Innovation Network (EDI-Net) is a community of experts and practitioners interested in the innovative use of metered energy and utility data. Primarily with a focus on their use in public authorities in Europe. Our aim is to support (in a usable and practicable way) an increase in the capacity of public authorities to deliver on sustainable energy policy.

As you can see, one of the tools is this community of practice. The success of this approach is very much reliant on contributions from a wide range of stakeholders and our ability to sustain the community. The scope of the community is not yet determined. Ultimately this is up to you, the community members.

We are a new community, the EDI-Net project has been operating since Spring 2016. Since then we have been developing tools and training materials. Now we are entering a new phase of the project in which we are inviting public organisations with available energy and water data to join us. We will use this forum to present the tools and discuss them openly. The initial intent is to explore methods for using the tools and materials we have developed so far. We also hope to adapt the tools and materials to align them more closely to the needs of our growing community.

Who are we?

The core EDI-Net project consortium has an impressive combined experience in the use of metered energy and utility data and in the implementation of EU energy policy. Many of us have worked together on several related projects in the past, some of us are practitioners in public authorities, others are subject experts of various kinds. Our ambition is that the EDI-Net consortium grows into a wider community of practitioners and experts including you.

So, if you want to introduce yourself to the community then use this topic to give an indication of who you are. We are interested in your level of experience with energy data and your thoughts on how the EDI-Net community might become a useful resource for you and your colleagues.


We have been open to new users for several months now so it would be good to know who has joined us in that time. I think its worth each of us adding a few words here so we can get to know who makes up our community. Especially if you represent a public authority. Just something so we all know who is here.

@prakash.patel, @peccleshare, @Alexander_Nordhus, @Juanan,
@IstvanSereg, @JanBastiaans

So, perhaps we can all answer some basic questions such as:

  • What is your organisation? How many buildings do you look after?
  • How much data do you have? Who has access and what do you currently use it for?
  • What is your experience or expectations for EDI-Net?

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Graeme Stuart, a researcher at DMU. I created the dashboard software so if you have comments or suggestions on that then feel free to start a topic or send me a private message.

Hello everyone,

I work for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust which is a healthcare organisation in the UK. We have a large and diverse building portfolio with premises spread across Nottinghamshire. Roughly 30 of them are equipped with voluntary gas and electricity AMRs, so I am planning to add those to EDI_Net. The half-hourly data is available from various sources and I collate them on a monthly basis. I add them to our data management system and we use them for bill validating and other mandatory reporting purposes, such as CRC and ERIC.
Once our Dashboard is up and running we will use it to promote energy efficient working practices and behaviour as part of our annual Energy Challenge campaign, which we run for 12 weeks from October until Christmas.
We hope that the forum will provide a platform for staff to share energy saving tips or ask for support if needed.

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Hello Istvan,

Welcome to EDI-Net! I am Leticia Ozawa-Meida, a researcher in the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University. I work on the evaluation of the project (mostly in the part of behaviour change, but also keeping an eye on monitoring savings).

The Energy Challenge campaigns sound very interesting. Could you please tell us more about them? Who participate in the campaigns? What do you do? Do you set challenges for the staff?

We can share not only energy savings tips, but also campaigns’ tips :slightly_smiling_face:

So the most recent competition was between 19 of our sites where good quality half-hourly data was available for both gas and electricity… Each of the sites had a calculated ‘energy budget’ for October, November and December. Gas budget was calculated using regression analysis and the electricity budget was calculated using a less scientific approach :wink: The participants received weekly updates every Monday so they could see how they’ve been progressing against the energy budgets and monthly targets… The reports also included monthly energy saving tips and the emails that were sent out were focusing on different aspects every week, such as small power, lighting, heating, etc. The update reports also included an up-to-date league table every week.

Once our dashboard is up and running we are planning to use it to engage with building occupiers more…

An example of the last update for one of the sites is below:

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This is great @IstvanSereg, I am working on iframe reports which can be added into any webpage and new ‘full screen’ reports which can be shown on public screens if you have them. Any ideas about content for these would be useful.

Unfortunately we don’t have any public screens @Graeme. I am not sure what building occupiers would find useful, but not too long ago I came across a ‘bad practice guide’ on how to desgin a really awful dashboard…scroll down to the very bottom of this page and have a read (and try to avoid these :slight_smile: ) http://www.vesma.com/notices/index.htm

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Thanks @IstvanSereg, Don’t worry, I try to follow good practice in terms of information architecture as well as data visualisation. Its not easy though and there is always room for improvement. Constructive criticism is welcome.

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I notice we have gained a few new members in the last weeks.

Do other @EDI-Net_members want to introduce themselves?

It would be good for everyone to know who we are.