UNDERSTAND - Quizzes about energy efficiency

We developed 12 Quizzes which are part of the public part of the EDI-Net web-site. Furthermore, you can embed the quiz links into your own web-sites and, for instance, include them into logon procedures once every week slowly training staff to learn correct answers.
The attached Excel sheet collects all questions realised in LimeSurvey.
The quizzes are offered in English, German, Spanish and Catalan. If your language is not available, please follow the instructions inside the Excel file. The file contains both links to each quiz, their content as well as facilities for further translation.

Topic EN Links DE Links ES Links CA Links
Lighting http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/736938?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/736938?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/736938?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/index.php/736938?lang=ca
Heating and Cooling http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/179615?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/179615?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/179615?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/179615?lang=ca
Cooking http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/959452?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/959452?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/959452?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/959452?lang=ca
Bathroom http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/269453?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/269453?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/269453?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/269453?lang=ca
Kitchen http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/849414?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/849414?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/849414?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/849414?lang=ca
Office http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/749987?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/749987?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/749987?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/749987?lang=ca
EnergyEfficiency http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/648412?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/648412?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/648412?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/648412?lang=ca
RenewableEnergy http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/582962?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/582962?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/582962?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/582962?lang=ca
Fossilfuel http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/228734?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/228734?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/228734?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/228734?lang=ca
Miscellaneous http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/841435?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/841435?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/841435?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/841435?lang=ca
Electricityconsumptionandcosts http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/812831?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/812831?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/812831?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/812831?lang=ca
Emissions http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/358298?lang=en http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/358298?lang=de http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/358298?lang=es http://quizzes.edi-net.eu/survey/358298?lang=ca


@lee.jowett do you use quizzes to engage pupils at the Eco Schools? What else works best with children when trying to communicate about energy efficiency and overall protection of the environment? Thanks in advance

I just completed one quiz and it is very good fun. I hope this material can be widely disseminated within the PPAs.

Perhaps one way of using them could be linking them to “targeted” mobilisation campaigns. For example, in the winter, the aim would be to reduce energy consumption for heating. Hence, recommending colleagues, students or pupils to complete the “heating and cooling” quiz. Then around spring, the focus could be decreasing electricity consumption, and so on.

There are so many quizzes that surely we can use them all around the year to raise awareness.

Thank you Empirica team!!

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Great use of the markdown table feature. Well done @strahil.birov!!

Its unfortunate the url is so obscure. Can we get these served somewhere under edi-net.eu?

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@Graeme this is the domain Wolfgang provided for the limesurvey system, do you have ideas how we can shorten it, maybe bit.ly or something like that? Is there such a thing as edinet.ly (customizable short domains)?

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Hi @strahil.birov Apologies for the delay replying. I’ve not used quizzes before but they would certainly be useful. When I use dynamatlite which is our monitoring system we use with schools for graphing I get them to predict cost of school energy compared to my house so they know how much they are using.

The quizzes would be good for secondary students (ages 11-16), but possibly not for the younger children (ages 7-11) as some of the concepts are quite complicated. Perhaps we could look at these at a future time.

Thank you, Lee

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@strahil.birov, there is no such system I’m afraid. However, whoever has control of the server can serve the content to any domain they like. It is also necessary for the owner of the domain to point to the right server. It is nothing I can help with but it is perfectly possible.

For example to serve the quizzes at https://quizzes.edi-net.eu Wolfgang would need to configure the DNS to point requests to the new sub-domain to the appropriate server and the server would need to be configured to serve the quizzes when a request for that domain was made.

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