Translation of information

Although I changed the language to German, the Information in the FAQ, Terms of Use and Privacy sections is still in English.
It seems we have to translate all “General” texts that we want to be available for users in Catalunya and Germany…

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Yes, a good point. Have you searched on

for similar scenarios?

I found this topic but its about a single language forum.

It looks like these elements may need to be in English. Will that be a problem? Could you produce and post a translation of the key aspects as topics in your private category?

It seems there have been some efforts to translate it, but no official versions have been released.

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So how do you think we can make this work? A topic in your category introducing the system could point to translations. Or just use the English versions?

We can (and should) edit the default text before any translations are started.

I read that the english texts are ready to be used for every implementation. So, maybe there is no need to edit them?
We should create versions for every used language, to make it accessible for every user.

Yes it is important to have local languages.

OK, so how are we going to enable this? Who will do it and how will it be done?

Its not simple but shouldn’t be difficult. See this post for ideas.

There seem to be two ways: post the translated texts as separate topics (btw: can you also pin a topic to the top?) or translate it a the source - with all connected issues.
The translation has to be done by native speakers, sure. So, I would suggest empirica (Strahil?) to check whether any existing texts cover our needs.
The implementation at the source may only be done by Graeme.

Here’s my point of view:

  • My primary solution is to have the texts translated and then implemented at the source. This would provide a continuous and completely translated layout for all languages, since the terms of use, faq etc. appear on the top tabs.

  • The fallback solution is to have the translated texts as pinned topics at the top of each local sub-forum. Less efforts “at the source” but much weaker appearance of the forum.

Does anybody else have an opinion on this?

Terms of service

We can edit the text but only one page will be shown for each item via the official links. So we could put links to the translations at the top of each page.

…whereas there’s also a way to replace the Text by its translation automatically when the user’s default language is changed.
That’s my primary solution from above, although a bit more effort.