Nuremberg: supporting the on-site managers

This use case is from a building which is used for artists, artistic and other cultural events. It is a large historic building which consists of three integrated building parts.
In September and early October 2018, the water smiley face turned red for a few days, then went back to normal. When this happened the third time about mid-October, the energy manager informed the on-site building manager.

In this case, it was necessary to have a detailed look at the water meters, because the building had two separate meters. It turned out that the excess consumption was in a building part which usually consumes only very little water.

Actions taken
The local building manager was informed and found out that the source of the problem was the sprinkler system. It had just had a maintenance at the end of September. But obviously, something went wrong, so the system regularly flushed its water pipes, causing an immense additional water consumption.
The building manager was able to switch off the sprinkler system partially (of course without shutting it down completely!), stopping it from wasting more water.

In the meantime, the sprinkler system was repaired. The quick action after the EDI-Net alert by the energy manager saved a lot of water. At an estimated rate of 750 m³ per month, the sprinkler system would have wasted another 7,600 m³ until the next yearly maintenance.

Financial information
The 7,600 m³ of saved water sum up to about 30,000 EUR of monetary savings.

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