Nuremberg: monitoring a building in the absence of a housekeeper

This use-case is about detecting water wastage in a school building of about 10,000 m². In the first week of the summer break the energy manager discovered the smiley face for the water consumption turning deeply red.

A further look at the details revealed the pattern of the water wastage. It looked like there was a technical problem, because the pattern was quite regular. A look at the numbers showed an excess consumption of about 100 m³ of water per day!

Actions taken
The energy manager immediately informed the building manager who started an on-site investigation. This took a while, since the building is quite large and the reason for the wastage did not show up easily. Finally, the reason was found - it was a defective valve of an automatic toilet flush which caused a continuous water flow in the toilets of a whole building storey.

The valve was closed manually and later replaced. It took only two days from the emerging of the problem to its solution. Quickly, the water consumption went back to normal:

Since the summer holidays of the school had just begun, most likely the defective valve would not have been recognized by the users before five weeks after its malfunction. Because of EDI-Net, a further excess consumption of about 3,000 m³ was avoided.

Financial Information
Due to the quick response to the EDI-Net information, about 12,000 EUR could be saved.