Nuremberg: finding malfunctions that are not obvious

Like in other use-cases before, again a water wastage in a school building could be located. This time, it was a school consisting of two seperate buildings which showed its water smiley face turning red from one day to the other.
Again, a quick look on the consumption details showed that the consumption basis was lifted to a higher base level. This usually hints to a technical problem that causes a constant excess consumption.

Actions taken
The janitor was immediately informed that the water consumption was at a constantly high level. Because he knew his building very well, he quickly found the reason. It was a defective watering system for the outside facilities. Only one day after the water wastage was detected, a specialised plumber company started the efforts to repair the malfunction. This was more difficult than the detection of the wastage, so it took another week to completely get the system back to normal operation.

A malfunction of a watering system is almost not detectable for the building operators on site. Therefore, it can be considered that this malfunction would have wasted water for the rest of the summer / the watering period. That is about ten weeks from the beginning of the malfunction. Thus, with EDI-Net a wastage of about 2,200 m³ could be avoided.

Financial information
EDI-Net saved about 2,200 m³ of water which accounts for about 8,000 EUR.

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