Nuremberg: detecting slight increases of power consumption

This case is about the difficulty of being alerted by only slight increases in energy consumption. In many cases, when a defective technical element is the reason for excess consumption, the detection is quite easy. But sometimes the buildings increase their consumption only slightly over a long period of time. These cases should also alert the energy managers, since this could be a sign for a decreasing user sensitivity to energy consumption.
In this case, the energy manager recognised the “Electricity” smiley face becoming “sadder” little by little. it started at the begin of June and went worse during the next weeks:

Here you see the same smiley faces in July:

Actions taken
The energy manager started a deeper analysis and looked at the data for the past couple of months as well.
Indeed, a slight increase in the electricity consumption could be detected:

Looking into the detail, even the day could be outlined, when the increase of the consumption had begun:

The concrete reason for the excess consumption could not be found. Since in Nuremberg buildings are usually not air conditioned, this could not be a reason. But indeed, the high temperatures this summer 2018 seem to be the reason: the mechanical ventilation system was turned to a higher operating level at night, so the cool air of the nights could cool down the building a bit.
Even if there was no way found to mitigate this problem, the sensitivity of the technical personnel could be increased by passing on the information of the increased consumption.

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