More public discussions?

@Graeme, yes and also we wat to be clear what is a pubic post and what is a private post. As more people start to use the system, I assume that most infomation will be public. All partners need to understand what information is public and what is private

We need to discuss how best to organise discussions about energy efficiency!

My feeling is that nearly all of our conversations benefit from being open. There are very few reasons I can think of to have private conversations. Typically private posts should be the exception. In most fora there is a lot more public activity and private categories are special cases which are useful for discussing sensitive issues. Sensitive issues may not really belong in a forum like this.

We have the private “EDI-Net” category. We also have the private “Software” category but we may want to open this to the public.

We also have a private category for each authority. Are these necessary? Would open discussions be better for creating a community?

The authorities should have an own “private” category.
Not everyone should see what is discussed there. In case this would be public, participants would not communicate frankly.
Moreover, the language will be different anyway.

Do you expect authorities to engage in ANY public conversation?

We are forming a potentially very large community of energy professionals (from 40+ authorities). They may have things to say to each other.

  • promoting events
  • asking questions about specific technologies (does anyone have experience with …)
  • sharing experiences (we recently tried this…)
  • a software user group (I clicked here and it went blank. Look at my data, what does it mean? etc. )
  • friendly chat (we could have a specific category for off-topic discussions)

Anything is a fair topic as long as it is in the broad subject area. The more discussions we have the better.

Of course, language is an issue. The general public area would probably be mainly in English but we could have language-specific public “chat-rooms”.

Maybe I mix up things here.
The authority should have an own area which is administrated by a local admin. Like we do have e.g. with the Nürnberg area. This area should not be public by default. If the local admin opens public categories, it is okay.

Of course there has to be an open area where all people from everywhere should be able to communicate.

I agree. I think we need to be using the public categories wherever possible from now on and only use private categories for project management / minutes etc.

I think the software discussions should be public. Now we have a usable piece of software that is moving towards stability. This would be useful to newly joining authorities as well as those considering joining the project.

If you look at the public area (log out and have a look) there is very little discussion and nothing current.

By the way, this discussion is now public (!).

Graeme, I think, the access should be as easy as possible, which means: no wall. Local authorities usually don’t register, have no time for forums and don’t discuss in foreign languages, so keep it as simple as possible

The discourse software does have a means to post anonymously but I’m not sure we want to encourage this.

I prefer to know who I am talking with. What does everyone think?