MOBILISE - Take the organisational structure in your institution into account

How is your institution organised. What is the hierarchy?
Who does staff listen to? From where does the message need to come in order to be effective?
Who are the champions that people listen and talk to the most?
Utilising the influence of the structure is very helpful for overcoming the resistance of the internal users when it comes to change. The most common models in the case of EDI-Net suggest the use of a top-down-strategy where the top management’s authority is undisputed and actively involved (city mayor, department executives), a bottom-up strategy where the users bring forth a request for change that is acknowledged by the top management (environmental or energy champions), or a mixed strategy combining the previous two. The best suited strategy for you depends on the as-is analysis that delivers information on the audience profile, hierarchical strength and the organisational relationships (e.g. boss – colleague or city mayor - executive).


Select the best approach based on which of the descriptions below best describes your organisation:

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