MOBILISE - Make use of specialised user groups (champions)

The concept of champions can be applied to expedite the wider uptake of the EDI-Net service.
Champions are individuals who serve as role models to others and influence them through their actions and opinions. A champion can be anyone with good social skills. Champions are seen as ‘social hubs’ that have great potential in raising awareness and recruiting new users. Therefore, the process of identifying these persons in each building should begin early on. Identification instruments include the use of a survey to screen for potential champions, observation during focus groups and audits, and the use of contests where specific characteristics (champion profiles) are sought. Energy coaches in buildings can take the role of champions.
Select the following approaches to identifying champions and apply them for your organisation:

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Thanks @strahil.birov, this is an important point. Supporting a diverse group of engaged champions seems like not only a great way to deliver coordinated messages into many buildings/departments but also to get feedback and ideas from a wide variety of people. With the right network of champions at your disposal you are only one step away from a lot of staff members.

A network of engaged champions is potentially a great way to experiment with using the forum. Since champions probably only get together for face-to-face meetings quite rarely they could use the forum to stay in touch with each other. Potentially it would be fairly easy to engage a large network of champions almost entirely online. The champions would be able to share information directly with each other on an ad-hoc basis. The coordination of awareness raising campaigns would become much easier. Face-to-face meetings would become more targeted and effective. Members could join and leave the network at will. There are many potential benefits.

I know @kletten has a social media presence, e.g. stuff like this would be great to share on the forum.

@kletten, @peccleshare, @prakash.patel, @Alexander_Nordhus:

  • do you already have something like energy/environment champions or similar?
  • How do they interact with each other and with you and your colleagues (e.g. face-to-face, email, twitter)?
  • How can EDI-Net facilitate what they do?
  • Can they be usefully brought into the EDI-Net community?
  • What can a forum do that other social media such as twitter or facebook can’t?
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