Manual for experts setting up the EDI-Net dashboard

The manual describes the full range of functionality of the EDI-NET dashboard and includes extended use cases. It is kept in simple language and follows step-by-step guidance with screenshots where helpful. The manual includes a checklist and tutorial videos. Links are provided where videos are available. The content and language is synchronised with the advice notes part of the EDI-Net tool.


The following presentation hightlights the benefits of data representation and gives an introduction to core features: UNDERSTAND_Presentation_Dashboard.pptx

Series of tutorials

Tutorial to access and basic functions of EDI-Net dashboard. See how the backend of the dashboard looks like. Learn how the manual is linked to the tutorials.

Tutorial on importing your data into EDI-Net See the number of options to push or pull data. Learn how to selectively duplicate data for public use.

Tutorial on organising metering devices in virtual meters. See how you create a consumption smiley for each of your buildings. Learn how to easily apply weather correction and baselines to your data

Tutorial on creating public reports and league tables. See how you start competition on energy saving using drag&drop. Learn how to name items to make it non-expert friendly.