LoRa and smart metering

Dear colleagues,

I am sure the project is running well!

I visited the E-World last week. One observation: LoRa is available for almost any metering system to come. LoRa can reach through numerous floors and has a wide range / low energy. The provideres of hardware are also happy to run the LoRa network and provide an IoT plattform.

This is an interesting constellation where cities and DSOs a.k.a. metering providers we had so much trouble with suddenly might want to work together to extent metering infrastructure to also enable smart city concepts. This is a chance to get data from anywhere even if connecting to BUS etc. is not viable.

If you (or anyone you hear from) might need input, feel free to contact me. For obvious reasons, I would be more than happy to talk to DSO / city responsibles but it coincides with my desire to make the solutions work, data usable and cities energy efficient.

All the best

@Graeme: I can see all German groups…just in case an issue.
@Alexander_Nordhus: Weiß nicht wie weit Nürnberg ist, aber angeblich sind Heidelberg und Karlsruhe ganz scharf auf solche Ansätze. Die kann man doch nicht wegziehen lassen :wink:

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Hallo @georg.vogt,
we are already testing LoRaWAN components, the whole city area is already covered. Regarding the energy management related issues, I think Nuremberg is still ahead of the others, especially in the co-operation with the local utility :blush:.
Considering other applications, which are not in the responsibility of the energy management, Nuremberg is traditionally very slow in implementing new ideas :roll_eyes:. I am sure, others will have very interesting new application ideas, the LoRaWAN looks interesting to me, especially with regard to the cost structure. Compared to those fancy (but not existing) 5G applications, LoRa seems to be a budget system which is already available.

The challenge still is to get the sensor/meter data into an existing software infrastructure.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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