League table styles

Hi all, I was thinking about a bit of a visual update.

So before I make this ‘huge’ (in fact tiny) modification I wanted to get your input.

What do you think? Should I do it or keep it the same? Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on this.

@lee.jowett, @Alexander_Nordhus, @kletten, @IstvanSereg

I would keep the design clean and stick with the white background.

that way the focus would be on the smiley faces as performance indicators as opposed to the background.

1 vote for the white background.

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I quite like the colour background - but also not great for printing, which some schools do. Is there an option to toggle colour on/off? Otherwise preference would be keep plain.

Thanks, Lee

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The coloured one is nice at first glance, but I wonder how it looks like with red sad faces…

So, if possible, a toggle on/off option would be great, otherwise I’d prefer the white background.

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OK, I think I’ll leave it for now.

One more vote for the white background!

What about that crazy blue pattern at the top?

What summary information should be included?

The background might be paler (like on the home page). I changed that when I joined the project because I found it flashy and too hard to read.

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Do you mean this home page? It looks the same to me.

see the difference?

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OK, I agree this is better. Perhaps I can replace the original image I was using with your adjusted version.

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