League table offline?

Hi @Graeme struggling to load league tables this morning. Any known issues?

Thanks, Lee

I’m not aware of any specific issues this morning. I’m having a look now.

Everything looks fine on the server. No obvious problems.
League table loading is sluggish - I can’t load LCC main page.

Perhaps this is a problem with BeeData?

@developers - any ideas?

Yesterday morning we had a performance problem with our communication system (API). The same day in the afternoon the problem was solved.
Apologize for any inconvenience.

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Hello @developers, the calculations for Leicester don’t appear to have updated for over a week (again). Could someone take a look? Thanks, Lee

Looks like there is a problem. Its unlikely I can fix this before the project meeting.

All updated now. The calculations should run on the new data tonight and everything will be back to normal tomorrow. :crossed_fingers: