Internet explorer woes

I have found it very hard to look at the details of my school as the graphs are so small. Do you have recommendations? I think I can see that my school has left the heating on over the holidays :confounded: but I am finding it hard to see for certain!

Hi @Anne.Scott, thanks for the comment.

I think this is a problem which only affects internet explorer. try using another browser such as mozilla firefox or google chrome if possible.

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Hi Anne, thanks for the feedback. I’ll take a look as well. ta

Thanks - I’ve installed Google Chrome and that seems to work.

Hi @Graeme,
just saw that I am NOT the only one still using IE :-):wink:

Indeed, I just had a chat with a colleague from another City - and his PA also still uses IE11.

So, maybe it is indeed worthwhile to support IE for another few years, since our target group is public authorities (which may use outdated software for quite a while…).

Agreed, it looks like @georg.vogt also used IE in the recent video. I have been researching the problem and I think there is a fix but it requires a lot of knowledge of SVG and the differences between various browser implementations.

I think a solution might be found somewhere in this

…but the best solution is this.

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@Graeme, @Alexander_Nordhus I only used IE because it is actuall the cleanest for quick work and switching between video. No bookmark tabs, tools etc. The video is less messy, easier to edit. I am a proud FF user.

Me too! But unfortunately I am an exception, since my section is able to install own software. The standard-browser for the City’s employees is IE 11. So it is for many others, I guess.

I have made some adjustments which should have improved things a bit for IE users. Let me know if you notice a difference!