Importing data from systemslink

Hi @IstvanSereg,

I’m just talking with a colleague who also uses systemslink. Is it possible to generate exported data for multiple MPAN/MPR’s easily? How do you do it? All we can find is a way to copy the data manually into a file.



Please see the screenshot below.

  1. You have to be on ‘Profile’ setting. (Under File/Edit/Graphs, etc. menu bar you can select Invoice or Direct or Profile)

  2. Go to Tools / Profile export.

Please note, this will generate the individual data files named as MPANs/MPRNs for the supplies that are in the selected Group. You will see that in my case, the selected Group is: EDI_Net sites. (Drop down menu on the top right hand side of the left hand side window.)

Any questions just let me know.


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