Help Desk: Enabling Public Authorities to engage with EDI-Net

The helpdesk provides public authorities with a means to quickly receive answers for example about the project itself, options for participation, service features as well as about technical and data protection issues etc. In this respect, the EDI-Net helpdesk consists of three different levels. The first level refers to the FAQ list on the website. In case the issue is not resolved, the second level becomes relevant which offers phone or email contact with staff of Climate Alliance. The third level becomes important when the subject requires specific expertise. In this case, participating public authorities are forwarded to project partners. Because the EDI-Net initiative is an EU wide project with the focus on Great Britain, Catalonia and Germany, the helpdesk will provide different languages.
An example of the first-level support is the regular updating of the FAQ list: Municipal representatives have repeatedly asked how the smileys work and how the recorded consumption data is stored and used. These questions and their answers have been added to the FAQ list and are now available to everyone. Since the beginning of the year (2018), second level support has been particularly in demand: due to various events such as training sessions and webinars, there are more inquiries by e-mail and telephone. Many city employees want information about the data requirements, for example, whether they can also participate if they only have monthly data or if they have half-hourly data for electricity but not for gas and water. Some Public Authorities have questions regarding a possible data import into the EDI-Net system. They often receive the data from their provider in a special file format and want to know whether this is compatible with the EDI-Net software. In this case Climate Alliance refers the request to the technical project partners, the so-called third level support.