Getting data into the EDI-Net software

Can I get my data into the EDI-Net software?

The EDI-Net system is designed to work with a wide variety of data sources. We assume you have a data management system in place which already stores your data in an organised format. If this is the case then In the majority of cases we will be able to absorb your data.

There are two main mechanisms for transferring data into EDI-Net.

  1. We provide a facility for you to upload files to our server.
  2. Alternatively, if your data management system provides a web service which can be used to access your data, we are happy to work with that to make the process extremely painless.

Uploading data files to EDI-Net

This is where you control the process of uploading data to our server. This is the most basic approach and requires a little work from you. Your data management system will need to include some kind of data export functionality.

Provide us with a copy of an example file and we will create a data adapter for your file format. Once this is done, we support three mechanisms for transferring files:

  • Manually by pressing buttons in the user interface
  • Automatically via e-mail
  • Automatically by a scripted process on your server

Manual upload

import :arrow_right: push :arrow_right: select adapter :arrow_right: drag and drop files

Simply go to the import tab and select push. Choose your adapter and upload a file.

Via e-mail attachments

Let us know the email address from which they will be sent and we will provide an email address to which you can send data.

Via server script

Extending this into an automated process relies on the ability to schedule a script to run on your servers on a regular basis. See uploading data via the EDI-Net API for details.

This relies on your data management system being able to generate exports of data automatically. Your IT department will need to liaise with your data provider to establish how to generate export files on a regular basis. This is usually not a problem. A small effort to get it set up will pay off quickly as the data flows automatically and there is no need to manually upload files every day/week.

Using a web service API

The alternative is only available when your data provider offers a web service to access your data. In these cases you will need to provide us with documentation for the API and credentials to enable us to connect. We will take it from there and there is nothing else for you to do.

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