EDI-Net logo designs

To promote EDI-Net we prepared a repository a few logo designs which can be utilised by you on your web-sites and campaign material. You will find attached:

  • A styleguide about the EDI-Net logo
  • The coloured EDI-Net logo (and claim)
  • A black on white EDI-Net logo (and claim)
  • A grey on white EDI-Net logo

Hey @strahil.birov, I notice that these files are not attached.

It is possible to simply copy and paste images directly into your post. This will upload the image to the discourse server and display the image as an HTML element.

For files which are already served elsewhere we can put links in posts like this:

The image above is actually stored on the main edi-net web server here: http://www.edi-net.eu/fileadmin/system/shared_media/logo-edi-net.png I just put an HTML image element into my post like this.

<img src="http://www.edi-net.eu/fileadmin/system/shared_media/logo-edi-net.png" title="EDI-Net logo">