Dashboard v0.25.0 released

Dashboard 0.25.0 released

This update includes a few improvements worth mentioning.

Numbered league tables

Numbers in league tables are back! They were removed inadvertently in a previous update but I have added them back in a more flexible way so please let me know if these need improvement or if they should be optional. It is now easier to customise them.

VM interface upgrade

The virtual meters interface has changed slightly. We now have three buttons on the right which enable us to flip between three VM pages:

The main analysis: this is the most commonly accessed stuff for a VM. The smiley faces and the detailed baseline comparison chart.

The VM configuration: where we set the (usually one-off) configuration of each virtual meter. I am assuming that its rare to need this page so I am trying to push it further back in the interface.

and the new ‘experiments’ menu: This is where new features will be tried out before they transition into the main vm pages. Check out the contour feature here.

Contour plots for baseline data

Much like the contour plots on the device raw data interface but with baseline data the data are always pre-cleaned.

Immediately I noticed that the dynamat2050 data seems be behaving strangely recently. I suspect they have changed their API file format somehow and we are now losing a single reading every day. This is on my list to fix.

Contours of smiley data

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on the value of plotting smiley data as a contour chart.

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