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The EDI-Net project has generated plenty of materials aimed at helping public authorities using EDI-Net to make use of the services in the most efficient way, as well as to support them in their engagement with users. Th…

An introduction to the EDI-Net dashboard (3)

An introduction to the EDI-Net dashboard The EDI-Net dashboard can automatically analyse metered data from an entire building portfolio. The dashboard continuously calculates energy performance metrics so that when new d…

SETUP - Virtual Meters (extended manual) (1)
SETUP - Einrichten von Virtual Meters (1)
UNDERSTAND - Quizzes about energy efficiency (8)
Webinar: EDI-Net Best Practice Use Cases (1)
Manual for experts setting up the EDI-Net dashboard (1)
Videos about EDI-Net (1)
Benchmark tool (EEM) Manual (1)
UNDERSTAND - EDI-Net Key Features (1)
UNDERSTAND - Benefits for public authorities (1)
COACH - Printable energy advice on one sheet (1)
UNDERSTAND - Relevant of energy efficiency (overview, data) (1)
SETUP - Public users short manual for EDI-Net dashboard (1)
SETUP - Manual for discourse forum (1)
SETUP - Checklist (1)
MOBILISE - Presentation on steps to mobilise users (1)
MOBILISE - A guide on how to mobilise staff (1)
MOBILISE - Checklist to analyse current status of communication and engagement (1)
COACH - Checklist for energy manager to organise work and delegate tasks (1)
COACH - Collection of energy saving tips (1)
COACH - Spreadsheet of conversion factors (1)
SETUP - Manual for quizzes (1)
MOBILISE - REPOSITRY of checklists, tools and templates for mobilisation (1)
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MOBILISE - Interviews, surveys and checklists to analyse your audiences (1)
MOBILISE - Identifying and selecting the most suitable communication channels (1)
MOBILISE - Take the organisational structure in your institution into account (1)
Tips and checklists for organising campaign events, meetings and presentations (1)
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